Germans Reluctant to Advance due to Friendly Deaths

And for all you people with broken Filesmelt (don’t know if it’s still going on) heres a cubeupload link:

(Known error : Broken thumb on the guy on the right)

Nicely posed thar :smiley:
But I don’t like the rain, I cant put my finger on it, but something seems wrong to me.

There’s something missing… I’m not sure what. Just… something


Depth in the rain?

I’ve noticed most rain edits lately are 2D-ish, they don’t feel like part of the picture.

I still really like it either way though.

How did you pose like that with the DoD models??

I say it’s the other way around. I’m happy enough with the rain, it’s the posing I don’t like.

Use the Faith ragdoll’s physic model. Apparently all you have to do is rename it so it replaces the American and German physics models.