Germans setting up

Nice scenebuild. Could do with a bit of DoF though as all of the characters and foliage kinda blur into each other.

I like the light from the lamp.

Would the light really be that bright in such sunny weather?


Kinda unrealistic natural light…

But good posing and scenebuild stuff, if it is scenebuild that is.

Looks like it’s in flatgrass.

Nope, RnL map, i just added a shitload of props

Which map, possibly a link? I can’t find it. D:

BTW I do have RNL if you are wondering.

rnl_stcomedumont obviously.

Oh shit? Its that one, k thanks :D. I didn’t recognize it, since the fact I just started playing RNL like a week ago.

gawd yeah obviously



It’s from the open beta version that comes with only two maps, but they’re enhanced. Prettier foliage and such.

Nicely done, maybe you want to repose it slightly so he’s not licking his machine gun? :downs:

I lol’d when I went back up and checked the picture after reading that.

haha me too.

Kinda looks like he’s snuffing the magazine, but otherwise ok.

Lamp appears to be brighter than the sun

Why would you need a lamp during day?

The lamp is reflecting the sun

(yes i made that up but it’s plausible!)

How do I get RNL in my game? Sorry for sorta off topic question, but I want to be cool like you guys and use it, but I can’t figure out how.
Do you have to have gm_mount, or are the models the HL2 models? And where is the map.

NVM- Got it