Germany 1 - Huge Performance Issues

Hello Everyone.

I started with RUST 3 days ago and i just play on Germany 1 (Dev).

My Friends and I like many other players notice huge performance issues and server lags with spike warps.
If u run u get warped back to the last destination of your activity. for example i hit a tree and run back to my shelter. 12 seconds walk. i want to open the door of my shelter and the next second i stand in front of the tree. Buildings arent loading because of lag, u cant shoot people because of lag. zombies that persuit me are warping into buildings or shelters and kill people hiding from them.
Sometimes at least 3 times a day the server crashes.

The most people i talk too say, we need a roleback (a wipe) and a full server restart because of the performance issues.

I hope Facepunch reads this, i hope other players react to this thread and note there lag problems they have on Germany 1.
Please Facepunch look into this. Thank you.

best regards, MKev from Germany plugged in with 100MBit I-Net Cable connection.

yes, I also hope.
Please, we need a wipe!
Many of us lost a lot of things or are stuck in buildings

Same problem in germany 2 , everything is f*cked.

Since yesterday evening (CET) the Server adds more Issues and seems broke.

You cant see Buildings, you run into invisible spike walls or zombies etc. No Loot no nothing.

Please Facepunch look into this. This Server is a huge mess at the moment and not playable. I checked on Germany 2, they have the same issues as well. UK even is not Running since Yesterday allday.

best regards, MKev

Germany isn’t the only server in a mess. UK servers and some US servers are down.

oh thats sad… :confused:

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New info on this subject.

It seems the Master Servers are down.

Here is a statement of the official RUST Server Host.

Official Statement from Garry and his Team.

Thx Garry!