Germany 1 Server totally broke

Hi all,

Germany 1 Server is completely broke since 8h. I cannot see any houses except the ones I spawn. In addition I can see some other players but they cant see me and vice versa. Finally ppl can walk through walls - but of course they dont see the walls anyway lol. Anyone has the issue? And when will the server be wiped or Reset so we can play again???


Same on germany 2 , been like this since last night.

It’s true, Germany 1 is literally trippin’ balls. Would love to see a fix on this sometime soon!

Yeah me ². Since last night. :frowning:

Germany servers broken
UK servers down

I know this is an alpha but buying an alpha and i kind of expected to play it… and by play it i mean without having over 200 ping… U was enjoying myself on UK but i resorted to trying to go on Germany because ping was okay even though i don’t speak German just to play and now German servers are broken so… Can we fix this please?

People, i opend up a Thread already about this issue yesterday evening on the Rust Server Sub Forum. Trust me this thread gets locked because its not in Sub Forum.

Please talk about Germany 1 Issues in this Topic:

Thank you.