Germany is eating my gmod

I don’t know what caused this infestation of a ton of German servers on my server browser… Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
Another thing with the server browser, when I first open the server browser, or any time I “refresh listings”, it swallows my internet and I can’t do anything online until it comes back (Thanks GMod lol)

I don’t know how to fix the germany thing but my suspicion is that your internet is going down because the server browser is basically dos’ing your home connection. I think you can turn down the max number of servers returned somewhere in steam’s settings to help with that.

I suspect the Dos’ing because my old shitty internet used to do something similar and that was basically the problem.

The latest update attempted to expose more servers internationally to help work around Valve’s limitations.

It’s stated here, 3rd change from the top, and includes a link to the GitHub commit that shows some changes in the ranking (if case you or anyone else was wondering about that too).

Left your proxy on?

I’ve been getting that internet issue since November 2011. Happens even if I use different routers on different data plans. Internet always goes down for 5 minutes (yet Steam still worls) then suddenly comes back. Would love a fix for this.

I’ve always had this problem as well, and its not just with GMod but with any game that uses the steam browser (for example Arma 3). Far as i’m aware TheMrFailz got it spot on, as essentially anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand servers are trying to send you there data.

It’s either a list full of german servers of french servers, the choise is yours

Lmao, isn’t that the truth

I’ve noticed an increase of Polish servers lately too.