Germany's secret weapon

Is this ww1 or ww2 ?



Apologies, lolblackgermans.

There were no nazi’s in ww1 boy.

Haha, nice work on the posing.

It would be a lot funnier if it was in WW2.

wat up dawg?

da aryan life is hard nigga

Oh wow xD
There secret weapon is a black guy xD

Here’s a better question; Why are the British using German K98 rifles?

Because there’s no Lee Enfield rifles that we can find around this shindig.

Wrong. There is the Beat the Zombie CoD Ports. The Enfields that I use are form this pack.

Soldiers will often use the weapons of the enemy if they cannot find ammo you know

So wait…they’re secret weapon is a middle aged black german?

Legit enough for me. Have a pacman.

Well Hitler was there, getting gassed then hearing his little dog got blown to shit, then his side lost must have been the reason he got so mad. That crazy syphilis carrying crappy artist toothbrush moustachio Austrian.

Oh Brits you bustas.

I dunno, Germany had several colonies in Cameroon and some other african countries…

He didn’t follow the damn train.