Gesture Menu (All Gamemodes)

I would like to ask, if there is any way to make a simple menu, where you can bind a certain key, to open a Gesture Menu.
Number 0 can close the menu, 9 to change page, the rest is the “Act” commands.

There was already a thread about it, but the upload was for that is closed now…
Here is the thread about it:

The one who made it doesn’t say anything. So I wish someone can do this simple script that works on all gamemodes with “Act” commands enabled.
Upload it to Steam Workshop, or incase you want to keep private or just upload somewhere else, be free to do what you like better :wink:

Thanks Since Now for you people’s attention.

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First result when googling “gesture menu gmod”

Context Menu, doesn’t open in most Gamemodes, since for me sandbox is boring, and darkrp requires me to sacrifice 30GB of space… I tend to always be on Zombie Survival, it allows you to use Gestures, BUT, it doesn’t allow Context Menu.

Because, it is really fun to use them, either for help, or to say like, oh well we are all going to be raped now, so let me dance while I get brutaly raped by Puke Pus…

So a simple menu, like those for HL2DM and sourcemod menu’s, but a clientside one, so I can just easily select the gestures.

(I easily forget names, memory isn’t good for me, I may forget stuff that is just a year old…)

Still, thanks for the answear, hope someone else also see this thread. :wink:

I’m pretty sure that addon doesn’t actually require the context menu, it just uses the context menu bind to open, which should work in any gamemode.

I shall try it out them, let me see if it works, and I update the thread status.

ure kidding, rite?

My addon has commands to use the gestures too, if you could read the description.
Though, I’m not sure Zombie Survival allows gestures to be.

Chat commands, they are almost like when I go in console, except they say gmc_*.
I wanted the menu basicly so I could see all the commands and quickly select one, since as I stated up there, I have problems remembering stuff that is even a day before…

Still thanks, and I will try soon.

(And yes, at least HG Zombie Survival allow Gestures, both for Humans, and 3 zombie classes and 1 boss.)