Gesture Menu

I’d love a quick script that could add a menu to the hud (opened by a console command and somewhat in tune to the Default HUD style) that would allow you to select an option with the number keys and perform a certain gesture (the player animations used with the “Act” command in console)

Player binds “gesture_menu” to X
Menu opens
Player presses “1”
Menu Closes
Console takes input “act bow”
Player performs “act bow”

From what I have gathered these are all if not most of the gestures performed with the act command:

I know there are more (signalling halt, beckoning, signalling forward) but I don’t know the variables associated with them.

Why? Because these gestures were added a while ago and are very rarely used (let alone known about), a simple menu for easy access to them would allow any player to use them.


All done! Took a little longer than expected because of letting you pick whatever gestures you wanted, so instead of limiting you to the five gestures you gave me, you can just add in gestures as you find them.

As of now, the only way to reset the list is by deleting data/gesturemenu/buttons.txt.


That’s awesome, thanks a bunch!