Gestures and Lipsyncing on TF2 Player models

Hi, I’m working on a gamemode that uses TF2 Player models, but I have no idea on how to do part the animations.

I can figure out the actual animations, but gestures, like taunts and bullet flinches, landing after a jump, etc. have never worked for me. Does anyone know how to force a gesture on an entity?

While on the topic of TF2 Player models, does anyone know how to make their lips move when playing a voice file over them? I attempted EmitSound because that animates the player’s mouth but not on TF2 models. Is there something I need from the TF2 files to make this work?

Surely there must be a way to get their mouths to move?

Does no one honestly know how to do this? I have tried everything on google and I cannot work on my gamemode until I can animate the models. :v:

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If it doesn’t automate itself, then you’re SOL. Invest your time in using Source Film Maker, instead of this.

Are you honestly suggesting I use a movie making program instead of writing a gamemode? I don’t follow your logic.

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As if SFM was related to a TF2 gamemode at all

This does not work for gestures? (HL2 models work)

As for the lip syncing, I thought you have to make a scene file (VCD) and play it back on the model?
Unless Valve scrapped that method for TF2.

I’ve attempted to use all gesture related commands to no avail.

And the VCDs - I can’t seem to find them in the game VPKs anywhere.

I think there all in scenes.image now. Which should be located scenes/ - there’s an extractor somewhere if you google it.

Do you happen to know if the bones are the same name between hl2 and tf2? I would also try using the HWM models (tf2/models/player/hwm - i think) and see if that has an change on what you’re trying to accomplish.

The scenes appear to animate the face - but no lip syncing, even though the sound is playing.