Get a SteamID

I am trying to get a SteamID.

Like I want to give a player something and I check this with the SteamID.

But there are alot of players having a SteamID

Lets say the SteamID of that player is “STEAM:5000” as example.
I want to get the SteamID from the table because I can’t use this because the Schema returns it as nil.
and yeah

why can’t you use player.GetBySteamID?


thats the table it gets me all steam ids this works but I don’t know how to

for k, v in pairs

Show your code please. Having trouble understanding what you’re trying to explain/achieve, sorry.

concommand.Add("update_check", function(player, command, arguments)
	local theplayer = { for i,v in pairs(player.SteamID)
						if player.SteamID == ("STEAM_0:1:00000000") then
							return theplayer;
	if IsValid(theplayer) then
		if player == theplayer then
			timer.Simple( 2, function() Clockwork.player:NotifyAll("Everyone likes hidden text"); end)
			timer.Simple( 5, function()
		local schemaFolder = Clockwork.kernel:GetSchemaFolder();
                local durationThePlayer = 0
                local reasonThePlayer = "More hidden text"
				Clockwork.bans:Add(theplayer, durationThePlayer * 60, reasonThePlayer, function(theplayer, durationThePlayer, reasonThePlayer)
					if (duration > 0) then
						local hours = math.Round(duration / 3600);
						Clockwork.player:NotifyAll("A modified plugin has banned Theplayer permanently ("..reasonThePlayer..").");
		local targetstring = tostring(target)
		local target = Clockwork.player:FindByID(player);
		local reasonOther = "More hidden text"
		if (target) then
			Clockwork.player:NotifyAll("A modified plugin has kicked '""' ("..reasonOther..").");
			target.kicked = true

you should read this.

GetBySteamID returns as nil value.

[ERROR] gamemodes/cwhl2rp/plugins/something_hidden/plugin/sv_hooks.lua:9: attempt to call field ‘GetBySteamID’ (a nil value)

That’s because you’re overriding the player variable in your function declaration. Change it to ply or something.

like ply.GetBySteamID?

concommand.Add(“update_check”, function(player, command, arguments) – he’s talking about the player argument here

No, in your function declaration, you’re doing function(player, blah); do function(ply, blah) and change all usages of player to ply. For GetBySteamID, player is a global table, so you still use player there.

concommand.Add("update_check", function(player, command, arguments)
		local target = Clockwork.player:FindByID();
		local reasonOther = "Hidden text"
		timer.Simple( 2, function() Clockwork.player:NotifyAll("More hidden text"); end)
		timer.Simple( 5, function()
		if (target) then
			Clockwork.player:NotifyAll("A modified plugin has kicked '""' ("..reasonOther..").");
			target.kicked = true

I made it a little bit easier now

and I get this error

bad argument #1 to 'lower' (string expected, got nil)


I am trying this, whoever types in update_check gets kicked

This isn’t Javascript.

Stop putting “;” everywhere.

there’s nowhere in the code that uses string.lower, it’s something else

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you can use ; in glua

99% of the time you don’t have to, though.

What’s the point of using it?

Also, the string.lower is most likely a clockwork function.

Funnily enough, JavaScript doesn’t need semicolons as well. :v:

This is an example of where you must use a semicolon:

local some_var = bullshit -- semicolon should be there
("lliteral string"):somecrap()

Why would it need one? I have never seen them used before in Lua.

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Ah, well I only took about an hour of Javascript before I got bored with it. My bad.