Get around the max materials warning?

I’m making a conglomerate model, from male_01, of all the facemaps and sheets I can find of modern citizens. I have 31 sheets and 3 facemaps (ie 34 textures), in skinfamilies, with possibly more on the way. Is there any workaround for the “ERROR: Too many materials used, max 32” warning it throws my way? Do I have to cut out two textures + any more facemaps or sheets I need to add?


I think 32 textures for one model is the total max. Don’t you also have to include the mouth textures and eye textures in this case?

You can try some using bodygroups.

Bodygroups still add to the material limit.

AFAIK, that’s a hard limit - the only way around it is to recode everything to allow more materials, possibly breaking compatibility with the current model format. And, since we don’t have the source code to everything necessary to do so, it’s effectively impossible unless Garry and/or Valve decides to change it.