Get banned?

On the forum, some peoples says they get banned of rust because steam or anything likes that. Someone know what is the reason? i am afraid to launch rust on steam ://

I really doubt you will be, no one was actually banned for using the Steam version.
Also tons of people have already downloaded and launched it on Steam as well.

Thanks. Did you play on steam? Or if anyone can play or played on steam tell me please

I’m sure Garry is more than aware that people are already playing it on steam. I think he can’t officially release a game that he has promised for MAC users if the MAC client isn’t fully functional.

If he didn’t want people to play on steam. He could easily prevent it.

Also, What ever you do on steam right now will be wiped… So i can’t see it as a big deal.

Ok thanks! a lot of peoples is playing now?

Yes, we played on Steam. Works, no banhammers flying in game and killing you. Somebody from devs or so said that you can play on web and Steam for now, nothing about ban.

Thanks, I will play on steam!

There isn’t a lot you can do on Steam anyway - even if you log into a server you play you won’t be able to access what you had because they are different accounts.

My guess - and it’s only that - as soon as people have moved over there will be a server wipe and we can all start again clean.

Thanks for quick replys all! I’m not afraid by steam now!

Hope they keep the webplayer for all the ATI users who can’t play until theres a fix :slight_smile:

I can’t see the player on steam game ://


Normal. My image was the player count from the website.

My guess is it’s your firewall that isn’t making it to where you can’t see players and/or ping. Don’t know what the port # is for rust to bypass your routers firewall, but that’s just my guess. Router/firewall.

Still cannot access UK English Only even through steam, doesnt even show up in the list. Guessing due to the IP blocking…