Get Context Any way to get them?

Like how many context that entity has and getcontext and expired? or something.

What do you mean by ‘context’?

The AddContect input to a baseentity.
ValveSoftware MP SDK 2013 baseentity.cpp

First of all:

Be consistent.

Second, what do you need this for? I don’t really know what a ‘Context’ is [del]in this context[/del].

Do you mean this? I don’t think anyone who works with gmod has had to bother with it before. Bar a couple inputs to certain objects, I’ve never seen anything to do with this.

Try telling us why you need to use context; chances are there’s probably an easier solution…

this really well detail it.
I am trying to manipulate Half Life 2 maps. You know guys that many event not work same in Gmod. Scenes also sometimes really glitchy. Not same result u get from a linux or windows srcds server or a listenserver.

Never heard about it before, i don’t think there’s an exposed function for that, although you can play with keyvalues and check if something is related to that

it is really baseentity functions in c++ functions. Maybe Garry didnt care about it to call it for LUA. It has so much function check in c++ how many context entity has or when expire or expired remove context add context. So bad to see not added. I will try to get the getsave value maybe some info there.