Get coocin'

Mmm, mmmfees and mmffk

Nice work.

Made me hungry. Have funny.


How exactly does one “cooc”?

Nice man great shots keep them up.

Now I’m hungry

It is different from cooking. It taste better.

haha, nicee

Braught a smile onto my face, nice one.

Fucking brilliant!

LOL how did you spell it wrong its in your picture. Good picture btw

Hahaha I love this one, nice work.

I laughed.
Red pyro glove clipping into his arm, little hat clipping with the goggle, and for some reason there are some nasty jpeg artifacts around the red “cookin’” if thats what you call them.

Looks nice. I want one of those cookies.

I thought ladies cook.

well then I have a surprise for you!