Get CSS on Gmod

I am working on a map and there seems to be an issue. I do not know how to get CSS textures/models on it. I was editing a map and it needs CSS stuff aswell. They are errors. How do I make them non errors.

I assume you aren’t using the CSS game config but rather a custom one for GMod?

To be honest I am not sure what you mean. I am editing a rp_downtown map. And some of the props are errors. I do not know how to get the models in. I have CSS installed on my gmod.

Use the css game config for hammer.

I am not exactly sure what you mean. Can you give me step by step instructions. Sorry if your answer is correct I just do not understand.

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I may have forgot to mention I am making a GMOD map. I want to get CSS models/textures in hammer for GMOD map making.

You must have enough knowledge to change the config in the drop box.

Open source SDK. In the source sdk box, change the game config to css. Open hammer.

This, just pick CSS instead of HL2DM.

That is to old my friend. Tell him how to use the new SDK.

It’s exactly the same. :v:

Theres a difference?

Okay I see what you guys are saying. But if I pick css and I run it, then I want to run the map, it is not gmod it is css. I just want textures and models from css, but when I run the map it is Gmod

There is no such thing as a true GMod configuration; it’s always just a slightly modified HL2 or CSS config. It doesn’t even matter as the maps you create will be the same, so just use the CSS config.

There is no difference between the games…they are both source are they not?

If you want the map to run in gmod, then drop it into the gmod folder.