"GET DOW...!!" - A military Madness entry

Wow… This took me a good ten hours to complete… I was wondering what I wanted, and found out, what the heck… I’ll do photoshopping…

Enought chat, here it is.


Smaller view here: 1280x622

Posing, prop-placement, explotion, bloom and first color-scheme is done In-game,
Final color-scheme, motion-blur, grain, red-glow (simulating damage effect) and smoke are done in Photoshop.

Production images:
1: Early production, camera angle, and crop in place:Click here
2: Starting to get ragdolls in place: Click here
3: Done posing, and prop placement, color scheme changed: Click here

Scene overview:
1: Click here
2: Click here
3: Click here
4: Click here

Comments and critics thanks :smiley:

Tons of detail there bro
Shoulda made it more than one pic :u

Whats with the red

were you going for realism?

my reality doesn’t look anything like this

i must be missing out on something

That’s Next Gen health regeneration my good boi !

get down haha


were you trying to get color to represent your mood?
(of the pose)

get down haha

You got tons of detail in that pic, and yeah you should’ve made more than one with all the work you put in, but good job!

I don’t get the random red around the outside of the picture and the film-grain. There’s too much motion-blur absolutely everywhere for my taste too, but I suppose it’s kinda realistic and representing of the chaos of battle… or something.

I believe he’s trying to make it look like a game. Like, you get hurt and you start flashing red.

I wasn’t going for a realistic picture :slight_smile:
I was going for a game look, like my latest pictures, and thought… What the heck, I might aswell throw in a few effects, and do radial-blur to make it look like the explotion had a little more kick in it :3

The motion-blur was to simulate the different speed of the different objects, though I might have overdone it a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

And about the red in the edges:

What he said.

Simply stunning at first when i saw the picture i thought it was battlefield 2 but when you showed the scenes it wasnt… really realistic

You can’t see evens see half the stuff you put into it.

Still, looks nice.

Yeah I know :stuck_out_tongue:

The things you CAN see is some of the car in the back the rocks to the right, and the airplanes. :3

Real cool looking, I love the smoke trail from the jet’s missile, and the motion blurring on all the soldiers is sweet.

I just wish, like everyone else said, that you had made all of the detail you put in a little more obvious. From this view, sure its cool, but its cluttered and hard to tell what’s going on (I didn’t even know there was a tank there until I saw the unedited version) If you had made a couple more angles we could have seen the full scope of the picture.

Still, really cool, and really well done!