"Get down, Combine!"



Live ot!

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hey look I just spoke swedish

Not really.

Nice one, Zerax. :slight_smile:

I entered this thread expecting Combine Soldiers break-dancing. This was definitely a surprise.

Pretty bad posing and pasted on muzzleflashes :v:

but seriously now, it’s really nice, i really like that bullet impact

This is great!

Question though - where’d you get that not-Judith model?

i was expecting a disco

you dissapoint me


Pretty colours.

Great work! I love the colours.

Finally took your advice man – it worked.

Thanks guys!

The punctuation of the title implies that the rebels are telling the Combine to get down.

Maybe they are challenging them to a dance competition afterall.

I made this thread at three in the morning, get off my case :v:

Looks nice, I like the colours. Not too fond of Rochelle Mossman there :v:

I love lighting.

Absoloutely bluddy gorgeous. Just, that light up top is WAY too big even for a light-blur.