dakkie dakk

4000x2250 because why not :vs:


I love the attention to detail

Awesome! Great editing.

It was pretty hard for me to understand what was going on in the trenches, but it looks really awesome

Wow, that’s quality stuff right there!

Super amazing aside from the crooked muzzleflash.

This is turbo sexy
I love this

10/10 would loot again

wow, holy shit, this is fucking awesome!

the guardsman getting shot on the right is my favorite part, the impact effect is so beautiful

This kicks a whole lot of ass.

So much color and rim lighting.

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I personally think it’s too much for one pic. IF you were to cut the pic in three (40% of the left side, 20% of middle, and 40% of right), i think each part would look good by itself.

Absolutely amazing, though I feel there is some empty space that could’ve been filled (far right, far left and most of the sky)

cheers boys and girls

I’ve been pleased too see every sep you made. Just awesome as I kept telling you!

Yer da orkiest!

I’m totally loving this.

cheers m8

Teach me your editing ways, Master Agilor.