Get gmod to show all resolutions?

the highest resolution gmod shows me is 1280x720
i want to set the resolution to 1680x1050
can i get gmod to show all resolutions so i can set my resolution?

Set the pixel aspect ratio to 16:10 and it should be there. I think you can use mat_w or something to change it manually.

no the problem is that it wont show resolutions that high
it only shows the lowest resolution at 16:10

Gmod>Properties>Set launch options> -w blah -h blah

doesnt work
sets it to 640x480

Works for me.

its hooked up to my TV
i can set the resolution correctly in the ATI Control center thing
why cant i in source games?
I’ll check for new video drivers

How big is your TV?
If it’s a widescreen HD, it’s not gonna have a resolution to fit that.

right on the box it says 1680x1050
im dual screening with my other monitor

I need pictures.

of what?

Try adding the -windowed -noborder with the -w **** and the -l **** commands.

now it wont start :confused:


Just to make sure; you didn’t actually type -h **** and -w ****, did you?

of course i didnt
im not new to this

i cleared launch properties and it still wont start now
i must reinstall

Don’t reinstall, set the options to -fullscreen. Fixed mine.

Edit: Forgot to mention that you’re going to have to set your res again, but if your TV is 1680x1050, I’d expect it to be in the list.

hey you fixed it
still wont show my resolution