"Get him! I want his shiny-ass helmet on my car when we're done with him!" (Viper & Agilor)




Big thanks to Agilor for the sexy edit, thank you swebro.

C&C appreciated!

that missile vehicle looks spectacular, what game’s it from?

Editing is fabulous, and the posing is actually very nice. My only qualm is the guy in the back centre. His running looks unnatural from this angle.

You’ve improved a whole fraction.

man that muzzleflash is underwhelming

Thank you, all of the vehicles in the pic will be featured in FloaterTWO/Kali’s CoD:BO pack.

The way these guys are posed is bothering me. I suppose ‘lol generic bad guys’ is an excuse, but this is borderline incompetency. I first saw this and immediately thought of an 80s action movie where everyone fires from the hip and people subsequently die from gunshot wounds in a 10 second long display of falling over. Also those shells getting ejected are waaaay too big for that rifle; should’ve left that for the editing

IMO not one of your better pics, man.

Could please explain more detailed why the posing is bothering you?

Also, the guy is using a Uzi so i used the smallest shells avalaible.

I like the original more

Firing from the hip, charging down an open hill, not using readily available cover, things like that.

But they’re not supposed to be smart or act professionally, if you perceived them as dumb etc. then i have accomplished my goal since they’re supposed to look like dumb guerrillas/PMC’s/generic bad guys.

Basically exactly like most bad guys in old movies.

Thats one of the problems with many people. Say theres a man walking down a road in a post apocalyptic setting, someone says “the background is boring, should have added cars or something”. Maybe it’s supposed to be empty. You don’t walk up to a painter saying “You should have painted a house there because it looks empty in the background.”

But that’s not the exact same thing Rick, if someone makes a pic too empty without knowing that it’ll look boring isn’t the same as posing some dudes on purpose with the intention to make them look like inexperienced fighters/soldiers.

Perfect work!

decline starts at perfection

I love it.

What map is it please?

My point was that just because a picture doesn’t look wonderfull and magical and stuffed with props, it doesn’t mean it’s not good. It being boring has so little to do with the quality of it.

The whole scene is a scenebuild on Gm_Black.

How do you get that much light on that stupid map? I can’t get more than two characters lit up.

Firstly you need to use the fog- and sky-entity boxes to remove the default thick, black fog. Then spawn lamps with the range of 10000.

Hey, can I ask what those soldiers are?

They are UBCS spec-ops/mercs that Ninjanub released awhile agi.