get HL2:Ep2 content onto my server?

I run a dedicated server from my desktop and was wondering how do i add HL2:ep2 content, i own HL2:ep2 so its legal :smiley:

You need to extract EP2 content from your Steam cache (GCF files, use GCFscape) and upload it to your server.

inside the Episode 2 content.cfg there are 3 folders
where would i put these? Into the addons section of my server?

Open up ep2 and within that folder there will be the ep2 content (excluding maps). You need extract these files from the gcf by right clicking the ep2 folder and clicking extract. You then need to upload those folders to your garrysmod folder of your server.

If you want the maps then you need to extract the maps from ‘episode 2 map.gcf’

I only want the models and particle effects ect. and i did what you said and it hasnt worked.

You can just use the update tool when a command line that downloads the game content in the console. look it up on the garrysmod wiki