"Get it off me!" Hunter pounced PMC + one more



All effects but some lighting stuff are in-game.
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Thats a huge muzzlefalsh

Why is the muzzle flash sparking…

Some gun fires produce sparks but not that way… Those spark are out of place and look weird.
About the first pic, the red light its a little annoying. :S

Edit: Lights and shadows on the second pic are really well done, even more if they were accomplished ingame.

Good use of in-game lighting.

Isn’t there red lighting when you get pounced in the game?

Rate me dumb if you want, but I have never played Left 4 dead :v: gonna buy it as soon as I get cash again tho.

Rated heart :smug:

I think the sparks come from a bullet that hits the metal wall on the backround.

Yep. And Assault Rifle muzzleflash can be that big.

Talishmar and Tampio, you guys are both right. Thanks for saying them out.

Oh, btw, the AK is on safe. BOOYA, informatives?

blame the modelrs