Get last 10 props spawned using "Think" hook?

Hello everybody, is there anyway to get the last 10 props spawned in a hook.Add(“Think”,“PreventServerSpamCrashes”,function()" situation?
I am not too good at lua but I have a lua script that makes it so if the server is lagging, it does a CC.Cleanup on the person spawning props (prop spamming). The problem with this is it will clean up innocent people’s props sometimes, so I was wondering if it can just do the last 10 props that was spawned.
I am using: and I fixed it up for Garry’s Mod 13 but I didn’t want to bump that old thread. I can post the code here if anybody wants it. Addon works well besides those problems and keeps the prop spammers off most of the time. I had to raise the “Length_of_lag” because of it cleaning up innocent people and you can still make the server laggy with prop spamming just not timing out lag. If there is a better Addon than this, feel free to post that here.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section…