get left and right of where player is looking

so I am using getAimVector but how can i get the left and right of where the player is aiming?

What do you mean?

im doing somthing like this
Entity( 1 ):SetVelocity(Entity( 1 ):GetAimVector() * 100 )
and i would like to be able to do it for backwards, left and right as well

You can turn an angle into a normalized vector ( unit length 1 ) meaning you can multiply the value by some unit distance and add a start-pos to get a position in x direction from the angle…

So, if you want to spawn a prop in front of a player, take a look at this:

Grab the player:GetEyeAngles( ) then attach Forward, Right, Up function to turn it into a normal vector facing the relative direction to the angle. To get left, back and down just multiply by -1.

player:EyeAngles():Right() – right
player:EyeAngles():Right() * -1 – left
player:GetAimVector() * -1 – backwards

Thanks for the help what could i do to get around
if ( Entity( 1 ):KeyDown( IN_FORWARD ) ) && (fuel > 0) && ( Entity( 1 ):KeyDown( IN_JUMP ) )then
Entity( 1 ):SetVelocity(Entity( 1 ):GetAimVector() * 100 )
fuel = fuel - 10

What could i put instead of entity(1) because that will only work for one player

and is there a way to detect double tap key instead of a key combo like i have at the moment

You have to store fuel as a variable on the player, otherwise everyone will have shared (jetpack?) fuel. Your present usage of a global means that you are a Bad Person.

You need to loop over all of the players.

Doubletap is determined by saving the time of the last keypress and then seeing if the current keypress occurred soon enough after the last.

I might just read up on what lua can do and try and not make it so retarded thanks for the help