Get model path of static prop

Okey, my final problem…

I have some static props on my map. That aren’t errors.
But I need the paths of them (e.g. “models/props/somestaticmodel.mdl”)
to get them into a little model pack I gotta make for a map.

I guess this will be very hard or something, but this is my last step for my model pack progress.

If you got ideas how to make this without using Lua, I could take tips from that too… What ever we need to do, to get those paths (lol)

Thanks for all help so far!

Its always something like *NUMBER.

Hehe, that doesn’t help me very much at the moment though :wink: But I keep that in mind ^^

You need to decompile the map.

Yeah. I thought of that. I did too. But I had to uncheck the “props_static”.

If I did not, I got a java out of bounds exception. :confused:

Try dumpstringtables_new modelprecache and go through the list (should be somewhere at bottom)

for k, v in pairs( ents.FindByClass(“prop_static”) ) do
print( v:GetModel() )

Static props are baked into the map.

You can use EntSpy to see the entity list with their keyvalues.

Tried your code, it returns nothing. Seems not to work on static props.

This one looks helpful, it might work!
But… The download link there is broken.
Does someone got a mirror for it?

You probably clicked the wrong one, try this.

I didn’t post any code.

As sorry! I were in a hurry when I read it ^^

My bad!

Correction: grunewald’s code doenst work, since as Overv said. The static props are baked into the map

Yeah, I guess I did ^^ This one works.

I’ll tell if I made this work or not ^^


Okey it was working for dynamic props I could not get…

But still… It doesn’t show any prop_static at all. Which I need … Grr

Also tried yours code. Yeah, it prints loads of models. But unfortently only non-statics.

All statics got probably printed, it’s those *(number)
As “Wizard of Ass” told statics show as.
I need those model paths from it now…

158: '*157'(data 1 bytes)
159: '*158'(data 1 bytes)
160: '*159'(data 1 bytes)
161: '*160'(data 1 bytes)
162: '*161'(data 1 bytes)
163: '*162'(data 1 bytes)
164: '*163'(data 1 bytes)
165: '*164'(data 1 bytes)
166: '*165'(data 1 bytes)
167: '*166'(data 1 bytes)
168: '*167'(data 1 bytes)
169: '*168'(data 1 bytes)
170: '*169'(data 1 bytes)
171: '*170'(data 1 bytes)
172: '*171'(data 1 bytes)
173: '*172'(data 1 bytes)
174: '*173'(data 1 bytes)
175: '*174'(data 1 bytes)
176: '*175'(data 1 bytes)
177: '*176'(data 1 bytes)
178: '*177'(data 1 bytes)
179: '*178'(data 1 bytes)
180: '*179'(data 1 bytes)
181: '*180'(data 1 bytes)
182: '*181'(data 1 bytes)
183: '*182'(data 1 bytes)
184: '*183'(data 1 bytes)
185: '*184'(data 1 bytes)
186: '*185'(data 1 bytes)
187: '*186'(data 1 bytes)
188: '*187'(data 1 bytes)
189: '*188'(data 1 bytes)
190: '*189'(data 1 bytes)
191: '*190'(data 1 bytes)
192: '*191'(data 1 bytes)
193: '*192'(data 1 bytes)
194: '*193'(data 1 bytes)
195: '*194'(data 1 bytes)
196: '*195'(data 1 bytes)
197: '*196'(data 1 bytes)
198: '*197'(data 1 bytes)
199: '*198'(data 1 bytes)
200: '*199'(data 1 bytes)
201: '*200'(data 1 bytes)
202: '*201'(data 1 bytes)
203: '*202'(data 1 bytes)
204: '*203'(data 1 bytes)
205: '*204'(data 1 bytes)
206: '*205'(data 1 bytes)
207: '*206'(data 1 bytes)
208: '*207'(data 1 bytes)
209: '*208'(data 1 bytes)


Another edit lol…

I just read a thread saying EntSpy doesnt print out prop_statics :confused:

So unfortunately that wasn’t my solution :frowning: