"Get off the road!" US Convoy gets ambushed.


I haven’t done much in a week so I may have regressed.


Wow, I never thought they can shoot laser!

tracers lole

No it’s a laser.

I don’t see it.

Red bullets tracers=Super battle droid laser

Okay, anything else besides the nitpicking on tracer color?

the fire doesnt look good

The posing on the guy running in the center seems off. His right leg should be be more and his left leg bent less. The guy running in the background looks a little wobbly. And the fire is too bright and doesn’t fit.
Other than that, excellent picture.

The fire is pretty horrendous. Look for reference pictures because fire just… doesn’t look like that. For a start it’s not entirely yellow.

Well, for the gimp settings I alsways use for fire I always make a white, red and yellow layer. What are your’s?

Or ARMA. :stuck_out_tongue:

In game fire and then I just dick about with some overlays and colour balance.