"Get on your knees! Get on your knees!!!"


Soldiers from Eqillibrium didn’t have lasers beams, I know. It just my passion for anything luminous.

those rifles are FAR too big

apart from that it’s p. nice

Bend over! Bend over!

Those lasers… you deserve gold bullion, lots of it.

the movie was completely awesome
So does the picture, it’s full of movie’s atmosphere
…but his pose is a bit awkward, and I don’t like a strange halo on the gun in the right

Looks good, I don’t like the “blue lighz on mah helmet” dude replacing the sweepers and riot-police from the movie though.

And the cleric’s head looks gigantic.

I dig those lasers

Those laser makes my eyes watery because i always think of how much it will hurt if they pointed the lasers in my eyes. :v:

Dat DoF…

to the three people that disagreed with me:

The Blue outline is that of the guy’s hand (which should be just a little bit smaller than the grip, i.e. only a TINY BIT of it should extend past this point). The Red is that of the rifle’s grip. It’s far too big, and that model always has been. Should have used a prop resizer, yo.

Reminds me of Equilibrium.