"Get out of the Truck!"

default css ak makes this picture fail.

[ul]Posing looks good from what I can tell. That isn’t to say that I can tell much.[/ul]
[ul]Avoid using default CSS weapons, particularly the AK47.[/ul]
[ul]He’s holding the AK wrong.[/ul]
[ul]What’s glowing on the Apache’s wing? If it’s supposed to be a rocket, the glare should be more orange and, y’know, attached to a rocket.[/ul]
[ul]Smoke looks okay. A bit spiky, but not bad.[/ul]
[ul]Muzzleflash looks god-awful.[/ul]
[ul]I like the list tags.[/ul]

Thank’s for the feedback, It’s currently my second post.

Then it’s pretty good for a second, but beware of action shots if you’re still easing into posing.

It’s a bit hypocritical for me to say that seeing as my first two were both centered around action, but they’re proof of this because they both suck. :stuck_out_tongue:

chick with a p90 and a grenade; my first
combine assassin escapes on a rope tied to a helicopter whilst shooting rebels; my second

My first two poses, thumbnailed so they don’t distract people. These are for educational value, not advertising. I don’t want feedback because I already know they suck; I’m using them to reinforce my point of action being a bad place to start.

Thank’s for the feedback.

No shells coming out of the ak47’s bolt?

What muzzleflash.

oh wait

Ejection port, not bolt. The bolt is a different thing.

Get away from da choppah!