Get outta here, kid, you don't need this old ass anymore. You got Freeman to protect you.

Second part of a series of HL2 poses I’m making:

Feel free to C&C, although I probably won’t edit it anymore:

Bloom is too bright and the medic looks like he is dancing

But other than that (and maby a clipping issue) it looks great

Colors seem a little too optimistic for me. Try desaturating it a bit.


I think it’s called DoF

Desaturization is the cancer that is killing gmod poses.

The posing itself isn’t too bad; especially on the guy receiving the shotgun. The woman in the middleground looks abit unbalanced, i’d move her left leg out and make the right leg the center of balance; basically make it aligned with the rest of the body excluding the head. The medic looks completely off balance; Like he’s about to fall over.

The bloom is excessive and unnatural looking, the camera is a bit too close in my opinion, and the jpeg quality doesn’t look like it’s set to the fullest.

I was trying to make the medic in an action running position but I guess I failed. Looked good to me though :colbert:.

Thanks for the C&C.

The Medic is all like “haters gonna hate”

Bloom is not too bright but use a half saturation for it.

Don’t use simple DoF. It looks awful, and super DoF is supposed to slow your computer to shit so you have no excuse not to use it.

I know, but I’m not sure if my system can handle it. My computer’s old and simple DoF even slows it.

You should avoid using Gmod bloom at all costs, just makes everything red most of the time. Picture is pretty nice though, aside from the simple DoF.

Yeah, I was experimenting with this. I don’t think I’ll ever use bloom again.

Maybe he IS dancing.

Seriously: Your bloom is way too much on that building in the background. Too much attention is brought to it.

Nice, very moody.

Thank you very much.

Nice pose. A few things.
Medic in background looks very off, almost as if he is drunk.
The color tone should be a bit plain, or brownish, as this one seems to have a wide variety of colors.
The posing is great, except for that medic.

Thank you, everyone.

I assure you there will be no drunken/hatersgonnahate/falling down/dancing medics or bloom in my next pose.