Get outta my HEV Suit!!!

Hi guys it’s been a while :smiley: I made a new picture! It’s from Gorden’s view! He’s shooting the nazi who got in his HEV suit! :smiley:
I prefer golf stars over winners :wink:

Except he’s wearing a HEV suit.

EDIT: GOD! At least try to hide the Nazi’s body CONVINCINGLY!

Best ever

Gordon’s view is an excuse for not using the camera tool.

If you want Gordon’s view you should have taken off the Health, that song shit, and whatever in the console.

Which leaves you Gordon’s hand and weapon thus achieving Gordon’s view with a sub-par pose.

The soldier’s body is way too noticable, and stop using that map, ah yes and use the fucking Camera tool Gordon doesn’t seee an HUD all his life

Going to the bathroom 5 health depleted

Gordon: :frowning:

This is horrible and stop making threads, also I’ve noticed you have double accounts, too bad the moderators don’t listen to reports.

Hey!!! I haven’t posed in a while :frowning:

No reason to post crap work done in a matter of seconds

Rating people unfriendly isn’t going to make your poses any better.
Accept criticism or get out.

Practice makes perfect, now go practice and come back with your better screens.

NEVER post a picture unless your put 100% into it, this forums needs less crap.

Then don’t post your poses until you get back in your stride.

He never had a “stride” :lol:

Does this really deserve a gold star or winner? Also, WHAT IS A GOLF STAR?!?

And I thought facepucnh was friendly… :frowning:

Just going by his logic. Or lack thereof.

Are you serious? These forums are harsh my friend.

Guess again!

Okay, what’s spelt wrong here?

That was your first mistake.



Most people here aren’t friendly.

It’s a really bad picture with almost no effort put into it. Either you’re rather young or you’re trolling. Either way, you shouldn’t post stuff like this.

Damn the dumb has been taken away…


“The unfriendly ratings will not make the picture better.”
-Frank_West 2007