Get people to force download?

i am not paying for a host yet until im happy with the server. But im working with some addons and how would i get people to force download those addons?

im currently on a port forwarded server

To do this, and I believe you ment FastDL, you need to have access to a webserver of sorts, search it on YouTube too theres tons of results.

well what i mean is is there a way to get it so it makes people that join my server download all my addons i do not have a server hostim hosting off LAN for the time being i have a port forwarded server but i want to make it so people that do join such aspeople helping me will download the addons i have downloaded and are using on the server.

The client does not need to download the lua files, only maps, sounds, models and materials and you need a webserver for FastDL.

builder boy dont be brain dead SoY you cant force people to download anything but you can ask the client to download them and you do this by 2 ways a) using the ulx fast download system which is noob friendly if you can install ulx or b) read this

i have ulx so how would i go about doing this in ulx?

Refer to the documentation included with ULX.