Get player eye attatchment?

Is there a way to get the players eye attatchment and parent a camera to it? I know you must be thinking, “that is dumb why would you want that?”. The answer is because through all the first person games I have played in multiplayer, there is always this “disconnect”. You see one thing in first person and everyone else sees something totally different in the world view. So what I aim to do is create a more effective, intuitive way to do shooters. So you will only ever need to deal with 3rd person animations instead of v_models anims adn w_model anims :slight_smile: So if anyone can either do this, or help me out with this that wouldbe great! :smiley: thanks in advance.

No one? Damn.

The reason for having v/w models is more of a performance issue, v models are usually way more detailed than world models, and it’s fine cause there is only one like that onscreen.

err i think you can do this:
spawn a camrera
then ethior right click no-colide on it or Adv Ballsocket to the world.
than place it, than player weld it.

Expression 2 has something called “shootPos”, the exact position of the player’s camera in the world. I don’t know if Lua has that, but most of E2 functions are similar to Lua so maybe it does.


Thanks Ralle105 ^^ (sorry I tend to miss these things, I am fairly new to lua but am making my way into it slowly) much appreciated.


Sorry for double post, but to parent a “camera” is there a better way to do it other than a physical camera? if so help?