Get position of view model elements from Swep Creator Kit

Hey, I’m trying to get the position (relative to the screen) of a view model element. I made the swep in the swep creator kit and I’m trying to get the position of it on the screen. So far I have this but it just doesn’t work, it can’t find the modelEnt part of SWEP.VElements[“my_view_model_element”].modelEnt. It prints out that it’s nil, however I have seen people use .modelEnt in their code for Swep Creator Kit guns, so I am wondering why it doesn’t work for me:

function SWEP:Deploy()
local vm = self.VElements[“my_element”].modelEnt




That means the models weren’t initialized.
Are you calling Initialize for the Construction Kit’s base code?

Oh ok nevermind I figured it out, however, how can i find the position of it in pixels on the screen? I tried ToScreen(), but it isn’t visible, it gives me something way off.

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A better way of saying it is how do I draw a panel on a view model that doesn’t have attachments nor bones?

There is a bug that I’m not sure if has been fixed, but whenever there is a render error, ToScreen gives really bad values.

It’s ok anyway, I forgot SWEP Creator kit has quads, i’m using those now. Thanks for the help!