"Get ready for an ass-shot zombie..."

Something that i made today, hope you like it!


eww filter raped.
Work on your posing, needs anti aliasing, find a better angle, use SDof and don’t Filter Rape EVER AGAIN.

sooo you like it?



Read my first post.

i readed, but i have anti aliasing, the angle was perfect, the pose was good, the DoF was cool, soooo





His eyes have popped out of his skull due to the amount of filter rape in the picture.

Nice going, you jerk.

No, no, no, aaaaand no.

Listen to people’s criticism, otherwise you will turn into another deathbucket and be despised by all.

Even though crits can be harsh, they help.

i smell a troll

Sorry please pardon me! i will but please apologize me!!!

and also try to understand what image marcos and smilies mean, you don’t seem to be good at internet communication.


ok what the fuck!?

Alright. The colors are way to strong. Tone them down.
Camera angle is bad. Also a lot of free space on the left.
Samus is floating. Her feet are above the floor.
Turn up you anti aliasing . It is found under options/video/advanced in the GMod menu.

I’ve seen worse posing though if this is one of your first attempts.

thanks and sorry for the bad pic was one of my first…

and thanks for the tips buddy!:smile: