"Get ready Vladimir." F.S.B. Agents about to turn the corner.

Fuck yeah.


Boring, actionless, guy on** RIGHT** is posed badly, guy in the back is fat.

Boring map choice.

needs more vman


Not everyones pose has to be super duper Hollywood action and effects, and how is the guy with the Spas-12 posed badly? He’s crouching, and he’s holding the shotgun how anyone would hold a shotgun and he has his finger off the trigger until he’s ready to shoot. I am sorry my F.S.B. Agent is fat but last time I checked when you put on full combat gear totally makes you super skinny.


Give more criticism than just “lololol it sux becuz map choise iz boreng bie!!1!1!1.”

Not bad, I see nothing wrong with the posing. But yes, it is pretty boring.

Good simple picture i like it, not every picture on here has to be adrenaline packed sawed off shotguns limbs flying everywhere livers being ripped out and feral beasts decapitating people. Anyways good picture :smiley:

The PROBLEM, OP - if you can handle the criticism - is that if you want a picture like this, a different angle could have been chosen. At an angle like this it looks like you’re trying to build a feeling of “Okay, we’re about to go in!” Except nothing seems to get you ready. Instead it just looks like they’re standing there looking cool. WHICH IS OKAY! But the camera angle plus poses clash in “mood”. Also, the problem with the map is that background is important. If you want to minimize its importance, have the subjects - the subjects- take up more of the screen.

So the problem here is the camera work. I’m omitting editing here in this crit because I don’t think that’s important to talk about. Nothing’s edited, and the usage of DoF here is fine.

I can take criticism it’s just people like benzixrm and MishaRusskiy who just go in an say “leoeleol ur pic sux dewd loloelel ur guey iz faet lol ameerikan!!1!!111!” that’s not constructive criticism, because you know when you put full gear on, you look totally skinny.

My only complaint is that the guy in the back looks more relaxed then the two in the front.

He’s not, but you can’t tell because the shotgunner in the front is blocking the view, i’ll fix that next time i’m doing a pose that’s a scenario like this.

Again part of the camerawork. Focus on getting all the important parts in view.

I did, they were about to turn the corner and assault, I do believe I focused on just the three agents, not the whole wall.

No, you did. I mean to show all three people without many obstructions. At least for this picture. Before you take the picture, make sure no one looks fat, basically. Lol.

How can I not make them look fat, I can’t take off all their gear.

It was a joke. Basically, if things don’t look the way that they SHOULD (I posed a guy this way, but at this angle, he looks different from what I intended), make adjustments. Assuming it’s a camera problem.

It’s more irritating if it’s a pose problem. Except everyone here is well posed so this could just be fixed by moving back or to the right slightly.

The problem with MW2’s models though is that the gear’s thickness is stupidly exaggerated.

The posing if you ask me, is completely flawless. My only problem is that the guy crouching with the shotgun should be leaning towards his left leg; he looks off balance.

The other problem w/ MW2 models is the Russians love for American gear, when they’re BUTCHERING Americans.

Posing looks alright, but the guy leaning against the wall looks very strange to me, I think this is because he’s looking up and at a weird angle.

It’s generic, so what? I like it, has some realism to it.

Even though you need to understand, people want laserbeams and jetpacking dinosaurs, otherwise it dosn’t stimulate them. Next time you pose, think “What would an autistic twelve year old like?”.