Get rid of hacking through walls now there is C4

I reckon now C4 is back in, there is no reason for hacking to be possible through anything except perhaps twig walls and wooden doors?

I don’t think many players had issue with the legacy style of raiding requiring C4, and this would add proper time progression to servers with early raiding being trickier.

Unless you feel that the addition of durability will put an end to the naked hackfest?

p.s. the rock now has durability? That’s just mean!

I totally agree, but I don’t think they’ll get rid of this. My concern about allowing players to hack into tier 2-4 is that a gang/clan of ~6 players will meetup after a fresh wipe, craft some stone hatchets and destroy everything what lies in their path. Just for the fun/trolling of it. I expect rage quits more often because players who just joined the server (especially lonewolves) just lost their shit they just gathered to tier up. For them it feels like a false start and leave. They will just find another server where they hope to have more success. It makes the end game of some people come real soon. What results in an empty server.

Another important thing what I think what will happen: Less diversity in type of structures.
The landscape will be full of metal buildings because people just want their shit safe. They will build up to max tiers because they know that at a certain level raiding becomes much rarer and harder (what in my opinion should be the case).

FP will provide us with great raiding tools (not only c4) and that’s awesome. But just make the raiding tools for raiding and the normal tools for survival.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Anything that can be broken into with basic, easily obtained tools will be broken into.

Every house in current rust is just a glorified legacy wooden shack. There’s simply no point in building.

I don’t think that hacking through walls to raid someone is the real problem.
Being raided is a big part of the game, and it’s fun !

For me the real problem is the impact of being raided because of the cupboard. It’s almost the guarantee that you’ll loose everything once you get raided.
When raiding, walls should only be destroyed by hatchet, explosives and other raiding tools.

Destroying a whole base worth many hours of work in 30 seconds of right clicking is just stupid.

You looted my place and now you want to destroy it ? Ok, fine, but you must put some efforts in it.

Broken record alert: give us the ability to put code locks on cupboards. Friends can authorize, raiders have to destroy it.

Broken record approval: I agree totally with this. Claiming a base should be through the ownership of doors. Bashing/C4 all doors and replacing them with your own. Not through R+Clk

Code lock only makes sense if the raiders can’t destroy it. Otherwise they will just destroy it and drop another there, and you’re back to square one.

Best solution so far is to put your cupboard on the third floor, and remove the way there from the first floor. Then they have to destroy everything underneath it (and probably a little more) to get rid of it.

Reading on Rustafied about how weak tools will take many, many hits to take down a higher tier wall… I think the key thing FP are missing here is that the issue is Troll groups tearing up a whole server as mentioned above.

Making hacking ineffective on higher tier walls is great for stopping lone wolf raiders, or even groups of 2 or 3, but larger groups can still smash up anything they want.

Give the Tool Cupboard a CODE like the code lock.

Today my big base got completely ruined by 4 bug Users / cheaters.

I totally agree and C4 is also far too powerful it needs to change , cost more and harder to make, plus no throwing

Not if you’ve got more than one, which is the whole point. Now, if they get lucky and find the ‘authoritative’ one first, your base is rubble. If it were locked and they destroy it, now your next one is authoritative.

How is that different than how it is now?

C4 doesn’t do too much damage. Considering the health value of upgraded walls, floor and foundations, 1000 seems about right. I agreed with getting rid of the throwing, or at least the sticky bomb effect. It also seems fairly rare, although it could be more rare and expensive to make, but in my opinion all advanced weaponry should be hard to make and rare. We are post apocalyptic and all that.

Codes for the cabinet is a great idea. I think the purpose of the cabinet needing protection was to add end game for those players who need it. The way the cabinet/auth system is now was implemented in order to stop trolls/griefers.

A big help would be to put colliders in third person so folks can’t see in your base and pinpoint what they need. It would also eliminate building in rocks (hopefully), and cause a lot of wasted C4. :slight_smile:

I second this, not sure why this is not fixed yet.
General tip will be not to add too much stuff on the 1st floor, make it a bit more hidden (2nd floor or higher). Also do to noclip cheats. Not directed directly to y0himba, but for the general mass. I do not care if this sound “dumb”, “late” and or “alpha” sad thing is it is still in there.

It’s not only the stuff you put on the floor, but structural as well. They can pinpoint exactly where to hit or place timed charges.

Also, this exploit allows for building INSIDE rocks. place foundation low enough inside the rock, place storage on it, store items. I will not do it, but I have seen it done.

Items on floor 2 are not safe, crouching and looking up allows to see through at least the second floor, depending on the ground the base is built on.

Fly hackers and jumpers kind of ruin this as well…

But breaking in need to be balanced— Salvage hammers wreck metal floors with almost no breaking them but use it on a person and you’ll break your hammer before you get done mashing them up.

I think if people knew how to properly make bases there would be less complaining about raiding.

Playing on a 200 pop server, and constantly building right beside the rad town, my base has not been raided in 3 weeks.

Why? Because its just not worth the effort to get into it. If you make your base a pain in the *** to raid then people wont bother.

Just some helpful tips, put nothing on your first two floors. Make it a build up style base to access your third floor. Be sure to destroy build up blocks before leaving house. And of course, litter your base with tool cupboarda, preferably one or two levels down from the roof.

wood should be able to be smacked into same as wood logs but stone and metal ? no way c4 only I say stone wall should take 1 c4 metal should take 2 c4

I agree. I’ve only been raided once by a legit raider. They had to build a 10 story diving board to get in. Sucked, but they never got my main cupboard and were unable to destroy my base.

Also, it takes like 8 icepicks to get through a stone doorway. Unless you have 2 or more people it’s just not worth the time on a well designed base.

This highlights a major flaw in the current cupboard system- the fact that you can destroy your ‘build up blocks’ or stairs or whatever and make your base very unraidable.