Get Rust Servers list without all the fake serversDiscussion

Hi everyone

This is my new project: To create a servers list with all the fake servers gone!! and an easy to read and manipulate list. Still working on it, but it is pretty much done, i want to create more stuff for it later on.

You can easily filter all fake servers by putting under Type: Legit.

Then you can start looking for the server that you want to play on :slight_smile: You will get server informations when you click on a servers name (it shows at the bottom of the page)

The website is fully automatic, no advertisings, no payed shit so your server to stick out in banners or popup pages.


  • Real rust servers list.
  • Fake servers filter.
  • Legacy and Experimental.
  • Auto generated banners for all servers with stats graph.
  • Filter by any items and with as many filters as you want.

Hope you guys enjoy the website :slight_smile:

i will soon add new features, like graphs of the total numbers of rust servers (the real numbers, not the faked one)
by experimental/legacy, and by continent.
and many more :slight_smile:

gj bro. fake servers are needed to destroy :expressionless:

yeah and at least this way players don’t get caught in the fake servers :x

I’m unfamiliar with fake servers. Can you explain it a bit? I thought Rust was using Steam for the server list, and so issues like fake servers or bogus versions would already be handled. Is this not so?

According to the FAQ on the website:


So some kind of plugin who knows what is comparing stuff.

To OP, what is this plugin?

launch legacy rust
go to vanilla or modded and sort by players
you will see about 5 pages on each (vanilla and modded) of servers with 500/500 or 499/500 or even 250/100 players, all those just fake servers, they usually have 0 players on, or sometimes redirect to a main server (some servers use 40 servers (maybe even more) hooked to them to trap people in going on their servers)

Steam server list uses informations that the server sends them.
so it’s EXTREMELY easy to fake server populations and place 500 players on your server. just need to change one little thing in the assembly .dll files and you got your fake server.

As for the plugin it’s uses the same way gametracker and the rest do: steam-condenser. and this method don’t get fucked by the fake populations, it actually gives the real player count (it uses a secure way to get the informations, that can’t be so easily tempered with as it’s encoded XD)
so it’s just a matter of comparing the players that you get from the rust server list with the secure way.