Get Server variable inside clientside LUA

You know them noobs that ask annoying questions for help because they simply don’t understand how it works?

Well thats me.
In a normal gamemode thing you get the cl_init, the init, and the shared.
Does the engine automatically see them and make sure that the cl_init goes to the client, the init goes to the server?

If so how would i get the cl_init code to read some variables on the server(init)?

For example:
Server: “ = true”
Client: “ply:ChatPrint(”

Would this work?
Thanks in advance

Heyy, care to give me a simple rundown on the fundamentals of this client and server thing that i can’t seem to comprehend? :wink:

– Server:
– Client:

Have a look at this

Thanks MakeR, that helped a bit, still confusing but I guess i’ll get the hang of it eventually.

If you are trying to share data on a SEnt then i suggest you use DataTables, else NWVars should do what you want to.