Get string from console..?

How to make my expression get string shown on Console Screen?
BTW readString() doesn’t work, its not recognised by programme, but writeString() works :slight_smile:

Why would you want to retrive text?

If text changes, do some work.
If text = something, do some stuff :wink:
I imagine this:
A = Screen:readString()
if ($A) {
X = 1

Eh, just use concommands?

IF you need to retrieve a var that’s constantly changing, just set it somewhere and fetch it then.

What are you trying to achieve?

I want my screen restart every time That text is changed.
Also, I want to make a console which lines go up everytime a new lines are added

Refresh when input changes, push text into an array, loop through.

@inputs Text:string
Screen[2041] = 1
Line = -1
for (I = Array:count()-17,Array:count()) {

My expression 2 chip somehow does not support loops… Also brackets are not recognized… And when I download new version of wire from svn it says my gmod is years old… I have gmod 11 rofl ;(