get textures from 3dxripper in max (jericho)

Uh could anyone give me a pointer or two.
I’m trying to grab a model from Clive Barker’s Jericho. The mesh seems to come out ok(I think), but I’m not getting any textures.
Checked the materials folder as well and nothing there.

Eitherway the frame I got from 3dxripper as well as the model I’m trying to get to show the texture in max format.
Honestly if anyone knows how to get it, I’d be thankful :slight_smile:

I tried going trough the mariokart tutorial, but that doesn’t seem to mention this precise hurdle.

Have you looked in the textures directory?

Sure I have. And while I presumes the textures are there in dds, they aren’t showing up in max

When you doubleclick 3D Ripper DX, and a window opens, have you checked “Capture all textures”?

In max 8 or less (I think), go to file>asset tracking and find all the textures that you need.
In max 2010 (and maybe 2009, I don’t know) click that icon in the top left>manage>asset tracking.

I sort of found it. It seems that the UVW maps exist. Just that the mesh didn’t have assigned textures. So took a while of comparing the maps to the textures to find the right ones but I guess I got that down.

Now if only making the skeleton were easy.