"Get that sentry up NOW!!!"

3 soldier’s defending the line with a sentry from Air Attacks.

I like it.

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Although, the overall posing could be a little better.

next time try to find a better angle

Thanks, as for the posing, doing it while your at work though makes it a little bit harder. But yeah I do have to work on my posing. I wish there was a program for instant posing for Ragdolls ¬_¬’

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It’s kinda hard to try and find a good angle when I have to fit everything into the picture, but thanks for the advice.

When trying to get crouching poses you might want to lean the people forward a bit more.

The whole automatically controlled minigun that shoots at jets thing doesn’t really appeal to me. Just doesn’t seem realistic.

I thought that will be TF2-themed screen.

I’m suprised

Seeing as it’s not modern day tech, it’s more near furture kinda tech, sorry if you didn’t like it.

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The whole “sentry” bit threw you off guard huh?