Get The C: Location Of A File

I am currently working on getting my radio to load local files using file://c:/* with windows media embed and to do this i need to get the location of the file from C:/ but i cant find a way to do this tho i know its possible due to seeing MuseX (looked through the code and cant find how they did it tho) So can anyone help me out here?

Well, I’m pretty sure they don’t open a mp3. From what I remember is you can connect to a ‘Radio’ with windows media player with an IP address. The radio stations they have on iTunes radio or other ones found by google also have this. I’m sure you can somehow get WMP into a derma panel and then set it’s ‘connection’ to the desired host.

You can host your own radio station by using JetCast ( )

Thats about all I know.

i have a streaming radio that loads internet files/streams allready but i want to implement a local file browser into that same radio so people can listen to files on their local machine but i would need the C:/ locations of the mp3’s ect. to put into the WMP embed file location.

[lua]if file.Exists("…/…/…/…/…/…/…/…/mp3/*.mp3") then
Msg(“It Exist”)
Msg(“Nope nothing”)

Try gm_rawio.


Cookie goes to you, many thanks.