"Get the fuck out of my server!"


Unedited version:

I… um… can’t make much out.

As Chesty, I’m confused. I see blue, purple and loads of motion blur.

add some bad random smudging to that D:

I think its 2 players having a battle against eachother?

oh holy hell… motion blur madness!

minge bag blur attack!

its super effective!

Kinda hurts my eyes :C

Quite interesting idea, but the picture is just hurting my eyes and blurry.

Needs more motion blur.


You just made my whirlwind encompassed brain hurt a hell of a lot more.

I don’t know if this is amazing or horrible :gonk:

I’ll give you a pallete anyways.

reminds me of harry potter
One of the last scenes on one of the movies where voldifag is fighting potter.
I dunno

Motion Blur.
Motion Blur everywhere.

I don’t think you have enough motion blur yet.

the player on the server taking the picture has obviously set his bloom a little too high and is yelling at the bloom to get out of his server because he is computer-incompetent

good picture i don’t know why everyone is hatin

jesus christ, go easy on the blur.

oh, and don’t blur shit without a focal point in mind. if you’re focusing on the foreground, blur the background. vice versa. don’t blur the living shit out of everything and certainly not in different directions and amounts.

Objects, objects everywhere but not a bit to see!

I tried to find meaning in the unedited version and I have come to a conclusion.

This picture is expressing the overuse of blur in servers.