"Get the hell out of there!"

Been forever since I’ve done anything with Gmod. It’s also been awhile since I’ve photoshopped like this…


Original can be found here.

Pretty cool first person view, but uh… what the hell is that thing half out of the hallway? Oh, and the guy who is shooting… the shooting effect ( Forgot the name… ) should be worked up a little, doesn’t look too good… looks more like some kind of flash light. Posing could be worked on a little, but besides that, doesn’t seem too bad.

Yeah the muzzle flash didn’t come out as well as I wanted it too…

Also, I’m not even sure what that thing is in that hallway…

He’s left-handed but he’s using his right shoulder to shoot from? And his shoulders must be like five-foot wide.

It looks kinda decent but the angle is very bad.
It leaves too many wasted space on the left.

The thread title is undescriptive.
The first person view looks odd and the angle from where it is looks wierd, like it’s to far from anything going on.

Doesn’t look to bad otherwise.

I fail to see the picture…

Slayer were you by any chance the Slayer from LawGivers, well when it was still up.

Reminds me of the game, “The Darkness” when you unleash your tentacles of rape.

Holy crap yeah!

May I ask who you are?

Is he holding the gun with 1 arm?

Haven’t seen you in ages.

The first person weapon is a little too small.

I was XxGhostkillxX, I played on the scrimming team a bit before everything went to hell :(.

It’s a shame the clan died after tHe LaW left…

My steam friends say he hasn’t even been on for over a year.