"Get the Jockey off the truck!" [FPS Pose]




That compass is fucking huge.
Otherwise good.

The colorscheme of the hud is kinda weird. All those light blues and yellows. Doesn’t really fit with a zombie game.

Also, he’s playing on a mac?

Google couldn’t really help provide me with a windows key so I settled with the mac, and it was too late for me to get a better one since I accidentally saved it as PNG. so…ya.

I fucking hate Jockeys. Nice job.

is this HUD from a specific game? it looks so familiar, but I cant think of it at the moment.

I think the compass is a little too large.


Call of Duty?

i don’t really like the HUD as it don’t feel like L4D at all

I’m too lazy to fish out specific portraits and imitating the L4D HUD, i’d rather make my own than to have nitpickers go for the imperfections of the imitated HUD.

im pressing F and nothings happening


Kinda seems like you did the HUD and then just gave up on the editing.

I didn’t give up. I just can’t find many things to edit other than just the little shadows and the leg’s blur.

Looks pretty good, not fan of the HUD tho.

Reminds me of the QTE’s in FEAR2.