Get the looking at entity index?


I had the lua_run(_cl) command before that did something like this:

It gets your player, then it gets what entity you’re looking on.
And returns the EntIndex() of the entity in console.

I of course forgot how I made that one.
Could someone recreate it please?



Not sure if it was EntIndex() now.
But it prints out all info about that entity.

Like material path, and so on

lua_run_cl print(LocalPlayer():GetEyeTrace().Entity)

Ent index and class will be printed


But I would need to get the material of the entity.


I used this one, and made:

lua_run_cl print(LocalPlayer():GetEyeTrace().Entity:GetMaterial())

But it only prints a empty line. Like a "

You can only get the material if it’s an override material (like when you use the material stool) the models default texture is inaccessible.

Ah shoot…

I know its somehow possible. But I don’t remember how :confused:

It was some kind of function that printed a whole list with info of the entity, including texture and so on. (It even worked when I looked at a brush, and I could get a texture out of it)

You can with the modelinfo module.

And how does that work?

The thread about it is here. I used the following code with it:

[lua]function GetModelMaterial(ply, cmd, args)
if !args[1] then print(“Error”) return end
local nIndex = modelinfo.GetIndex( Model( args[1] ) );
print( modelinfo.GetMaterials( nIndex ) );

concommand.Add(“GetModelMaterial”, GetModelMaterial)[/lua] Its serverside. Put it in autorun/server and just type GetModelMaterial “modelnamehere” in the console.


Okey… Well I installed it… in lua/includes/modules

But I get this though:

] GetModelMaterial "models/gantry_crane/crane_trolley.mdl"
[lua\autorun\print_errors.lua:22] attempt to index global 'modelinfo' (a nil value)


Line 22: local nIndex = modelinfo.GetIndex( Model( args[1] ) );

you need to require it.

Please explain what you mean?

Add require( “modelinfo” ) at the top of your lua file

Okey! Now I got rid of that problem. But next problem:

] GetModelMaterial "models/gantry_crane/crane_trolley.mdl"
[lua\autorun\print_errors.lua:24] attempt to call field 'GetIndex' (a nil value)


Okey, never mind. I finally got what I wanted. By some help from someone else:

lua_run PrintTable(Entity(1):GetEyeTrace())