"Get the money and lets get out of here!"


Eh, my first Photoshop picture I made. Pretty shitty huh? 3;

Lens flare.

Lens flare= -1000 points

Dont be so hard on this guy… Its his FIRST photoshop piece… I don’t even know how to import a picture… Really… This picture is good just foogle around with it a bit :smiley:

i like it for some reason. but it’s not perfect.

Don’t use ingame blood.

Someone likes to rate box.
Pose is good, you should add some more props or something tho. :v:


Good point.

The picture is pretty good, but get rid of the lens flare. You should consider going over the windows with a large feather brush of the color you want to make the bloom.

The posing is good. It looks just like the classic scenes where the bad guys walk away with whatever they forcefully took.

As for the editing, I can’t spot anything else but the lens flare, which on it’s own doesn’t add any realism, or even look cool. It does look great on an otherwise near-photorealistic pic, though. That said, it doesn’t really “hurt my eyes” either, just seems useless.

The angle and posing are quite good, although the lack of shadows throws it all off.

As everyone else said, it’s good, just don’t use lens flare. Unless it looks good, that is.