"Get the old guy on the tank!"

Picture by The_Combine. I post because he is banned…


Bill looks a bit…eh…well yeah. The overall posing is nice tough, except form the infected climbing, rain and eyes looks nice as well. Messy piece of wood.

I can barely see the weapons in Bill’s hands, at first I thought he had muzzleflashes coming out of his hands like Iron Man or something. The lighting is really weird; the tank is like full-bright and then the zombie hanging off it is really dark in comparison. The rain is too thin and too consistent; it looks like it’s on the camera and not in the picture. The glowing eyes… aren’t really glowing.

look’s like he is shooting with his hands…and his head looks like Eddie the Head

Why doesn’t he just get in the tank?

the lighting is also wierd.

The rain sucks, the lighting sucks, and the red eyes suck.

Other than that it’s meh.