"Get this little Fucker off me" Francis and Louis getting into trouble

Comments are appreciated as always.

Odd posing. Odd motion blur.

Odd hunter seemingly has no legs/lower half of his body.

Could you specifiy who/whats oddly posed?

Your posing; no life.

Mainly Louis. (er, the black guy IIRC, it’s been so long since I’ve played L4D)


Alright I see. I agree now that I look at it he looks rather dumb.

On a positive note, the background zombies look good.

god damn it do i really have to explain this every time are you mentally challenged young man

Alright, seriously dude, make something that isn’t L4D themed.

Francis looks more like he’s actually carrying the Jockey and not like he’s trying to push it off.

Everything is great, just that, the lack of finger posing to match intensity of the moment kind of bugs me.

I would really appreciate it if you guys would let this die.

The blur bugs me, but that’s it.