Get to the City

This is a new series I’ve been working on. I’m new to making Garry’s Mod machinimas so cut me some slack if you don’t believe it to be that “great”. This is also my first attempt at a longer machinima, it has two parts as it is right now.

Here’s the link! I’d love some tips and constructive critism.

That was ok, nothing special but not horrible.


  • Turn down the sound effects/music when people are talking. They shouldn’t be competing.

  • Work on lip syncing, that will make the video a lot better.

  • Everything after 2:50 is just not funny.

  • Remember to hide your Hud when recording.

  • And that’s all I feel like saying for now.

Voice acting needs some improvement too. It sounds like you’re only reading it.

Map? :smiley: